Why the hell am I here?

This isn’t a quest to understand some metaphysical junk. Rather, this blog is simply a place for me to spit out my thoughts…trying to make sense of what I feel, see, and experience. Too often, we are chastised for thinking or feeling any number of ways. Living in a hyper socialized, at least digitally, world, we are constantly being head butted by people with drastically opposing views. In some situation, the injuries we receive, albeit mentally, are from beloved friends and family. Where does one turn when her opinions, her beliefs, her ideological concerns are continually questioned, or worse, ridiculed? To a fucking blog of course. I am looking for a place where I can clear my head, my heart, and my conscience.

What I will write here are personal opinions and observations. Of course both are influenced by my career-I am a teacher for fucks sake-my whole life is influenced by my career. But none of what I write has any direct bearing on what or how I teach. Who and what I am in my classrooms, to and for my students, is not who and what I am independent of them. I give them the educated side of me. To you, I give my truth, not in a means of satisfying some misbegotten need for attention; rather, within this blog I hope to find clarity by expressing myself in a way I have yet to try. I am sick of being a survivor-I want to be a thriver (I also make up words a lot-it’s just something I do).


2 responses to “Why the hell am I here?

  1. Thanks for the “follow” . Looking forward to following you. Best,
    Ruth in Pittsburgh

    • Thank you so much! I am excited to create new expereices and interests here on wrodpress! Finding such insight, beauty, humor and kindness on the internet makes me happy! I am looking forward to forging new ground with myself, and as I encounter new people! Thanks ever so much for the comment!

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