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On Crying

We tend to turn our heads is and when we feel ourselves about to cry; often, we may even obscure the situation to hide the fact that we are crying…to hide the fact that we are experiencing emotions that have an effect on us. Why? Now, “why?” as in “gee, why does this shit happen?” I know why we do it-so knowing that, why do we still do it?


Why haven’t we started to rebel more, to look our friends, partners, spouses, lovers, co-workers, or random people we’re near, straight in the eyes while we’re crying, as if to say, “hey-I am having some deep feels right now, pardon the fuck out of those & the fact that I choose to experience those” or, hell, what if we actually said something to that degree? Crying, experiencing emotions, reacting to life as it happens around us, shouldn’t be restrictive or restricted; and if people near us are made uncomfortable by how we experience the world, and our emotional reactions to it, if any of them can’t abide our crying…that’s their issue. 


I’m an adult, I will cry if I want to. I am an adult, I all cry if I need to. I’m not going to let anyone else’s exportations police how I experience this world, or how I experience my own emotions. Fuck that. Flow tears, flow.


Luckily, I have found friends who fully encourage this & push me to accept who I feel need to be, regardless of how watery my eyes may get. Without them, I fear I would be very dry, and very, very sad.


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