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@TimzyHasAnEgo & His Pedo-Like Tweets

It’s odd that I started my WordPress blog years ago in an attempt to find a release from all that haunted me as a result of the abuse I endured as a child…I gave it up because it felt useless to write what I couldn’t even bring myself to read. Yet know I engage a community of people who actually care-and in coming back to this blog, I am reading something very painful in what I was writing back in 2012. That pain remains-but it’s morphed into more of a motivating force than a dull reminder. And I am actually okay with this direction.
More people need to become engaged with this issue. The taboo shouldn’t be talking about this disgusting issue-the taboo should be the actual disgusting issue. Take this actual person, posting these actual Twitter posts advocating child rape. This is real life, any old day ending in -Y, and too few people are fight back against it…in fact-many are joining in and accepting in, agreeing that it’s “okay when described a different way” and they are prone to just laugh it all off. None of these reactions is acceptable. Rape in any situation is a crime; raping a child is still a criminal, regardless of how the rapists climaxes, how the rape unfolds, or how the rape is semantically described. Until “some men & some women” stop finding this acceptable and funny, all people will not move forward.


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